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Balabak Hand Fan from Cotabato City

Balabak Hand Fan from Cotabato City

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Introducing the Balabak Hand Fan, a unique and eco-friendly accessory crafted by the skilled artisans of the Adim Handicrafts Entrepreneurs. Made with Balabak, also known as Seagrass, this product pays homage to the traditional handicrafts of Cotabato City. The Balabak handicrafts is meticulously woven using sustainable materials, reflecting the commitment to preserving the environment. The term "Balabak" refers to the Maguindanaon term for Seagrass, a plant that was once abundant in the region and used for various handicrafts. However, due to the decreasing supply of Balabak, only a few weavers can create products using this material today. Each Balabak handicrafts is a testament to the artistry and skill of the weavers, showcasing their ability to transform natural resources into functional and stylish accessories. Embrace the spirit of sustainability and cultural heritage with the Balabak Cellphone Sling Bag, a unique piece that connects you to the rich traditions of Cotabato City.

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