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Coin Purse Made of Pandan Strip from Maluso, Basilan

Coin Purse Made of Pandan Strip from Maluso, Basilan

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Embrace the vibrant culture of Maluso, Basilan with this uniquely crafted coin purse. Handwoven by skilled artisans from the Claret Samal Foundation Incorporation (CSFI), every purse tells a story of tradition, resilience, and creativity.

Materials: The purse boasts the robustness and texture of pandan strips, a natural material known for its durability. Meticulously harvested, processed, and woven, these strips transform into a beautiful matrix, offering both style and substance.

Design: Bursting with color and radiating a charming appeal, this coin purse is more than just a functional item. It's a piece of art, a statement, a tribute to the rich tapestry of Basilan's craftsmanship.

Origin: Directly sourced from Maluso, Basilan, every purchase supports the local MSMEs and upholds the craft that has been a part of their heritage for generations. With its cute and compact design, this purse is not only a nod to tradition but also a trendy accessory for the modern enthusiast.

By choosing this product, you're not just buying a purse, you're becoming a part of a legacy, cherishing the stories, dreams, and aspirations of the artisans of CSFI.

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