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Kagit-Eat (Chicken Flakes) from Maguindanao

Kagit-Eat (Chicken Flakes) from Maguindanao

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Introducing Kagit-Eat, a delicious culinary creation cooked by the talented artisans of the League of Moro Women Marketing Cooperative. Made with finely ground chicken, this innovative dish hails from the culinary traditions of Mindanao. The name "Kagit-Eat" is derived from "Kagikit," which means fried ground chicken. This delicacy showcases the rich flavors and textures of Mindanaoan cuisine. Kagit-Eat is best enjoyed alongside Pastil, a traditional dish of rice and chicken wrapped in banana leaves. Each bite of Kagit-Eat offers a savory and delightful experience, cooked with passion and expertise by the League of Moro Women Marketing Cooperative. Savor the taste of Mindanao with Kagit-Eat, a culinary masterpiece from Datu Anggal Midtimbang, Maguindanao del Sur.

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