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Accelerate Women PH

Rari's Handbag with Coin Purse from Basilan

Rari's Handbag with Coin Purse from Basilan

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Elevate your style while empowering women entrepreneurs from Basilan with Rari's Handbag, a masterpiece intricately woven from pandan strips. Each purchase supports the talented artisans of this region, bringing their craftsmanship from Basilan to a larger audience through Accelerate Women PH.

Introducing Rari's Handbag with a matching coin purse, a true testament to the artistry and creativity of women artisans from Basilan. Meticulously crafted from woven pandan strips, this handbag represents more than just a fashion accessory – it symbolizes empowerment, culture, and community.

Basilan, a place known for its diverse cultural heritage, serves as the birthplace of Rari's Handbag. The women artisans of this region have poured their skills and dedication into every intricate detail of this masterpiece, creating a unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design.

The pandan plant, chosen for its durability and natural beauty, is carefully woven to form the foundation of the handbag. The result is a piece that not only showcases the remarkable weaving skills of these artisans but also highlights the sustainable use of local resources.

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